Writing about writing


Words are all I have to take your heart away… so went a pop song. Words, poor words, rich words, are the colour and sound of our craft. The next blogs will show how they work in the hands of the very best. So, today – Daffodils…

Daffodils, that come before the swallow dares and take the winds of March with beauty.

It’s from Shakespeare’s Winter Tale. It’s not one of my favourite plays but that line sings. How does it work? Listen to the liquid sounds in the first phrase, the l sounds and the long slow vowels, then not that harsh, monosyllabic “take”. It draws us up, makes us gaps and prepares us for the sheer wonder of the fragile beauty of those wind-tossed flowers with the great play of vowels like the short i of winds and the longer slower sounds of March and beauty. So seemingly easy, so perfect.




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